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Facial reconstruction after human bite injury

Garrison A Leach,1Jaclyn N Lundberg,1 and Travis C Holcombe2 Case presentation A 46-year-old male with a past medical history of hypertension presented to our trauma bay with complex injuries of the right nose and midface, which included an amputated nose, upper lip and right eyebrow approximately 40 minutes after an assault including numerous human bite wounds. His […]

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Cholesterol Gallstones

Cholesterol stones are formed when the bile is supersaturated with cholesterol, which may result from decreased bile acid production, increased cholesterol output in bile or both. Stone formation by cholesterol monohydrate crystals is enhanced by mucin hypersecretion and gallbladder hypomotility. Cholesterol stone formation is promoted by conditions that increase hepatic cholesterol excretion, such as oral […]

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