Tissue Necrosis due to Chloroform

Abstract For many years, gutta-percha has been the root canal filling material of choice. Chloroform is one of the most efficient solvents widely used for gutta-percha removal in retreatment cases, despite being toxic and carcinogenic. The present case report discusses a chloroform extrusion through an existing perforation to the surrounding periodontal ligament space and subsequent […]

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Brain abscess from untreated tooth caries

A 56-year-old man was taken to a remote hospital by his co-worker because he arrived at work looking unwell and had mental changes. The patient’s medical history was significant for hypertension, cholecystectomy and obstructive sleep apnoea with lisinopril, losartan and furosemide as his daily medications. He had recently experienced a dry cough for more than […]

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