Fish Hook removed from the eye (Video)

Doctors have filmed the horrifying moment they removed a fishing hook from a man’s eyeball.

The footage, filmed in Spain, shows the hook stuck in the centre of a man’s eye, as medical professionals add liquid to the eye to prepare to remove the shark hook.

A thin metal scalpel is inserted into the iris of the eyeball to move the hook slightly.

Doctors then use tweezers to grab hold of the hook and gently slide it out of the eyeball.

They then use another instrument to relocate the iris and gently push it back together.

A tiny needle and thread is then used to suture a tear in the eye where the hook entered.

Small stitches can be seen on the edge of the man’s green iris where the eye was repaired.  

They used a scalpel to slide the hook slightly before using tweezers to gently pull it out
Small stitches can be seen zig-zagging across the man’s eye after it was repaired

Credits: ASHLEIGH DAVIS FOR MAILONLINE, @Medical Video/Facebook