Deodorant bottle in the rectum


Encountering a foreign object in the rectum is rare; however, the incidence has greatly increased in recent years. Treatment of these patients requires a multidisciplinary approach because this condition may have serious complications. Presently described is management of 2 cases of rectal foreign body treated in the clinic.

Keywords: Complicationforeign bodyperforationrectum

Case Report

A 40 year old male patient consulted emergency services with complaints of abdominal pain and constipation lasting for 4 hours. From patient’s medical history, it was learned that he had been occasionally inserting foreign objects into his rectum for sexual satisfaction for nearly 1 year. He had no known history of chronic disease, and reported no drug use or substance abuse. He stated that this time he had inserted a deodorant container into his rectum but was unable to remove it. Physical examination revealed bilateral tenderness of lower abdominal quadrants. CBC and biochemical parameters were within normal limits. During digital rectal examination a solid object was palpated and erect view abdominal radiograph was taken. There was no indication of air-fluid levels or intra-abdominal free air. Intrapelvic deodorant container was observed (Figure 1). Digital rectal examination was repeated under sedation anesthesia; however, foreign object could not be extracted. Patient was transferred to operating room, anal canal was dilated under general anesthesia, and object was removed manually. Postoperative period was uneventful. Patient was discharged with recommendation of psychiatric follow-up in outpatient clinic.

Image of deodorant bottle seen on erect abdominal radiograph 

Credits: Dr. Sezgin ZEREN, NCBI