Pelvic Schwannoma


A 41 year old man was referred to our center with the abdominal enlargement and stiffening due to the masses (Figure ​1). Workup showed no other symptoms, and the routine laboratory tests were as follows:

A view of the patient’s swollen abdomen due to the presence of mass

The patient underwent the surgery for the removal of the mass (Figure ​(Figure 2). After opening the abdomen, a mass of about 25 cm in diameter was detected in retroperitoneum that had displaced the sigmoid colon to the right. The sigmoid and mesosigmoid were gradually separated from the mass and the peritoneum was opened to access the mass, which was released from the surrounding area.

After 24 hours, making sure that Ileus was not present, the patient was discharged. During the admission, he was administered antibiotics only. Following the surgery, he did not show any complications such as urinary and stool incontinency, and impotency. To date, the patient did not report the recurrence of the mass.

Credit: Leila Haji Maghsoudi, Alborz University of Medical Sciences, Karaj, Iran.