Reconstructive surgery of the nasal pyramid


The authors present their personal experience regarding the reconstruction of the nasal pyramid on 150 cases, encompassing both children and adults during the period 2000-2011.

Reconstruction of the nasal pyramid, regardless of age, was performed in cases of dysmorphias due to congenital malformations, accidents and surgical treatments with great loss of substance (benign or malignant tumors).

There were used the classical methods of reconstruction meaning rhino correction and rhinoplasty. However we mainly focused on the use of heterografts (implantable silicone implants – endoprostheses), or on the reconstruction of the nasal pyramid entirely with elastomeric silicone (epitheses), fixed with adhesive, implants and titanium magnets. Silicone, as a synthetic material, is very well tolerated by the body, having been demonstrated that it is a good oxygen carrier. Moreover, both nasal silicone and titanium implants are well tolerated as well and, in addition, they have good aesthetic, functional and psychological results. Patients regain an almost normal appearance, having good family and social integration and improved quality life.

Keywords: reconstruction, rhino correction, rhinoplasty, heterografts, silicone

B.I., 68 years old, Bucharest, right maxillary sinus cancer diagnosed 10 years ago, with invasion of the right orbit and eye, of the nasal pyramid , with numerous surgeries in the Buco-Maxillofacial Department and Plastic Surgery Department in Bucharest.

In 1999, the doctor suggested prosthetic reconstruction of the affected area (the half-upper right hemiface and eye orbit).In 2009, after unfavorable postoperative results, the patient required silicone reconstruction of almost 2/3 of his face.