“The hand of God” – nurses try to comfort isolated patients in a Brazilian Covid isolation ward

“The hand of God” – nurses try to comfort isolated patients in a Brazilian Covid isolation ward

From Brazil , a country that has recorded a very high number of infections from Covid-19, comes ““mão de deus“ “, conceived by a Brazilian nurse to break down the barrier of isolation and give comfort to the patients.

For over a year engaged in the fight against Coronavirus , doctors and nurses all over the world, in addition to ensuring the necessary health care for patients forced to live in solitude and anguish on a hospital bed, do not miss, albeit with the necessary precautions , even their human support .

The story of Lidiane Melo

To make up for the impossibility of receiving the affection and closeness of the members of her family, the Brazilian nurse Lidiane Melo , employed at a hospital in Ihla do Governador , north of Rio de Janeiro, had a brilliant intuition , which became immediately viral on the net with the name of “the Hand of God”.

After having encountered some difficulties in measuring oxygen in a patient suffering from Covid, due to the too cold temperature of the hand , the nurse, committed to the front line against the spread of the coronavirus, has seen fit to fill two disposable surgical gloves with warm water and wrapped them around the patient’s hand , thus being able to re-establish proper blood circulation within a few minutes.

His hand was very cold. I have put in place the planned practices in nursing in cases and gender, but it did not work. So I thought I made this glove with hot water to improve my patient’s perfusion and see saturation better. I also hoped she had the feeling that someone was shaking her hand ” .

The episode dates back more than a year ago, but only recently Lidiane found a photo in the gallery of her mobile phone and shared it on her social profile, once again underlining her commitment and dedication to a job that, although tiring and devastating, it fills her heart.