Thoracotomy training simulator body

Medical advances that bring us closer and closer to reality ?‍⚕️
This isn’t a real human but rather a sophisticated thoracotomy training simulator body.
This is a procedural, repairable and operable biofidelic manikin that provides new immersive training options for clinical educators and practitioners of emergency medical care.
Improving clinical competency and operative outcomes without endangering patients and immediate benefits of application.
Adaptable, portable and realistic, this manikin can deliver surgical training opportunities in a range of austere emergency training environments. It can be cut open, operated on and sutured back together using standard surgical equipment.

Is features an anatomically correct airways, and esophagus, which can be intubated and lungs that can be ventilated. The beating heart (manually pumped) and pericardium can simulate a realistic cardiac tamponade and can be accessed via a fully repairable clamshell thoracotomy. Simulated drugs and fluids can be administered via intravenous using the Cannulation Sleeve or in the intraosseous insertion sites. The bodies also feature a realistic thoracic skeleton, a replaceable sternum and detailed skin, fat and subcutaneous tissues, all complete with varying palpability and realistic colour.
How cool is that?
Created by Trauma X in the UK.@medicaltalks