Case Reports

Lung Protrusion: Tragic Consequence of a Knife Assault

Lung Protrusion refers to the exposure of lung parenchyma from a defect in the chest wall. This is a case of knife assault which caused lung evisceration. A 20-year-old presented to the Emergency Department with bilateral stab wounds in the thorax, causing lung protrusion. He also had exposed lung parenchyma on the left side. He […]

Non-traumatic splenic rupture in a patient with Kasabach–Merritt syndrome

Jitesh Parmar,1 Behnam Shaygi,2 and Mike Nelson1 BMJ Case Rep. 2009; 2009: bcr08.2008.0792.Published online 2009 Mar 5. doi: 10.1136/bcr.08.2008.0792 PMCID: PMC3027749 PMID: 21686627 BACKGROUND Haemangiomas are vascular lesions resulting from abnormal proliferation of blood vessels. They are the most common paediatric neoplasm. Kasabach–Merritt syndrome (KMS) is a rare type of vascular lesion with peculiar characteristics. The diagnosis is based upon three basic findings: […]

Giant solitary hydatid cyst of spleen—A case report

M.M. Pukar⁎ and Shabari M. Pukar 1. Introduction Hydatid disease (Echinococcosis) is a zoonotic infection caused by the larval form of parasites of tapeworm, Echinococcus granulosus. Humans are the accidental intermediate host in the development cycle of hydatid disease. It is an endemic disease in the sheep and cattle raising countries Middle East, North Africa, New Zealand, Australia, […]

Scalp avulsion injury

Patient reportedly fell and hit her head on on a sharp rock, lacerating her scalp. The wound was thouroughly irrigated and debrided. Later the wound was closed with sutures and two drains were placed to minimize the chance of haematoma formation. Broad spectrum antibiotics were also given. Scalp lacerations are a common injury. Clinical evaluation […]

Complications of thyroidectomy for large goiter

Toufik Berri1,& and Rachida Houari2 Patient and observation A 50-years-old woman, hypertensive, hospitalized for a large cervical mass appeared 30 years ago. In the family history, her mother, sisters and cousins underwent a surgery for MNG. Despite of the large volume of the mass, the patient never described signs of cervical compression whatsoever respiratory, digestive, laryngeal, vascular […]

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“The hand of God” – nurses try to comfort isolated patients in a Brazilian Covid isolation ward

From Brazil , a country that has recorded a very high number of infections from Covid-19, comes ““mão de deus“ “, conceived by a Brazilian nurse to break down the barrier of isolation and give comfort to the patients. For over a year engaged in the fight against Coronavirus , doctors and nurses all over the world, in addition to ensuring the necessary health care for patients forced to live in […]

The Youngest Patient in United States to Receive Face Transplant

Katie Stubblefield’s wit shows through when she describes her face transplant surgery. “Longest nap of my entire life,” she says. Those unfamiliar with Katie’s still-developing speech pattern may not easily make out those words, but her parents are usually there to interpret. Robb and Alesia Stubblefield have been by her side – helping her “take […]


In 1916, young ENT surgeon Harold Gillies set up Britain’s first plastic surgery unit, where he practised the ‘strange new art’ of facial reconstruction for those who had suffered severe injuries and burns. Gillies was given the go-ahead, and by January 1916 was setting up Britain’s first plastic surgery unit at the Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot. Gillies toured base hospitals […]

First African American to receive a face transplant

Robert Chelsea suffered severe injuries after getting hit by a drunk driver in 2013. After months of waiting for the right donor, the first African American man to undergo a full face transplant is recovering from a successful procedure. Chelsea has led a difficult life the last few years — he was left severely disfigured […]