Case Reports

A Rare Syndrome of Five Finger Hands and Polydactyly of the Feet: A Case Report

Ahmadreza Afshar Case report A 22-year old man was referred from the Welfare Organization for evaluation of his hands and feet abnormalities. The family history was negative for any congenital abnormalities. The parents were non-consanguineous. It seemed that the hands and feet deformities were symmetric. The right and the left thumbs were absent (Figs. 1 […]

Gross Hydrocephalus

Case Report A 9-month-old second born child by normal delivery and cried immediately after birth with no perinatal complications presented with history of increasing size of head sine 4 months. On examination vitals were stable and drowsy with no cry Sun setting sign present, occipitofrontal circumference 65 cm, and (normal 32–35 cm conclusion hydrocephalus), weight 10 […]

Kerion and tinea capitis

Hidenori Nakagawa,a,⁎ Masato Nishihara,a and Takashi Nakamurab A 9-year-old boy (Patient 1) with no past medical history presented to the pediatric emergency department with a 1-month history of tender erythematous lesions on his scalp. The lesions had gradually enlarged despite the use of topical antibacterials and corticosteroids. His temperature upon presentation was 38.0℃, and physical examination showed multiple […]

Intraocular eyelashes and iris cyst in anterior chamber following penetrating eye injury: a case report

Sabin Sahu,1 Lila Raj Puri,1 and Sanjay Kumar Singh2 Case report A 24-year-old Nepalese male presented with decreased vision in the left eye noticed for last 2 weeks. His visual acuity was 6/6 in the right eye and 6/18 in the left eye, improving to 6/9 with −2.5 DC × 140° correction. The intraocular pressure was 12 mmHg […]

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Angle grinder accident​

This is what happens when you use an angle grinder without face protection! The patient suffered lacerations that crossed the left nostril and extended downward, dividing the upper lip. The image on the right shows the patient after the operation, showing excellent aesthetic and functional results with minimal scarring. Before using such a power tool, […]

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